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About Sage - The Sage Pedigree

Sage has been constantly growing in popularity since its inception in 1981.

It was devised because at that time only a few small and medium sized enterprises were using software to help run their businesses. Sage filled this niche, creating and at the same time satisfying, the market for SME accounting and payroll software.

But that was then. Since that time Sage has extended its product range, building on information from customers providing feedback and suggestions, explaining what they like and what could be improved.

Out Now!

Sage Line 50 2007 does much more than that, helping you to manage and grow your business using solutions developed specifically for your business.

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Need extra assurance - Having undergone the necessary training, Kathrine Overton is fully accredited in Sage Line 50 versions 9 and above and Sage Payroll Versions 10 and above products and can offer you a full service backed up by practical experience.

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